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Safiya, the Jewish wife of Muhammad

there is that believe that Mohammed raped or forced Safiya the Jewish to the marriage, because her summer a captive of war, of other say that she became slave!
there is that says that the prophet has kill his father, his/her/its brother and sound gets married to get married has with it.
Of other wonder why the prophet didn’t wait for the passage of the period of viduité before gotten married with Safia.
And has unfortunately that makes semblance to show some “proofs” but he/it shows truncated texts..

Answer summarized
Safiya been honored like free woman, non obligated to enter in the islam nor obliged to marry the prophet, and she was not raped.
She/it decided herself to enter in the islam and to marry the prophet, and she/it became a true believer mother of the Muslim!

Some retail :
What it is to pass that is that the Muslim one to win the guèrre against a Jewish tribue of Khaybar (who betrayed the Muslim, and that to help several enemies). And they (the Muslim) took Safia as prisoner of war.
The prophet didn’t have the intention to kill the family of Safia to take it like wife by that that her, the proof it is that he has let the Muslim” Dihya” take it.
What means that the prophet didn’t know Safiya, and have look for to kill his/her/its family to have it pure him.
After one of the Muslim said that Safiya is the girl of the chief of Khyabar” Hoyay /… “.
Then the prophet decides of honored it, and frees it of” Dihya”, and he helps it has get settled in a comfortable house, without chène, nor forced works, nor confinement. And Safiya received the visits of the musumans, for comforted it, especially the visits of the women of the Mohammed prophet as Aicha.
the Prophet () left Safiya at Umm Salîm so that she spends his/her/its period of viduité in his/her/its house.

Al-Nawawî said in his/her/its explanation of this hadith: “Safiya had been made prisoner (among the captive Jewish of Khaybar) and had to respect a period of viduité that she spent in the house of Salîm Umm therefore. Umm Salîm prepared it then at the end of his/her/its period of viduité and made it beautiful for the Prophet () as the custom wanted it for the young brides… “.
The Mohammed prophet proposes has Safiya of freed it while remaining Jewish, or to convert in Islam, and to get married with the Prophet mohammed.
Simply she/it has decide in all libérté to convert in Islam and to get married with the Mohammed prophet.
Safiyya made a premonitory dream on his/her/its future marriage with the Prophet (saws) whereas she was with his/her/its Jewish spouse who beat it for this reason.

The Prophet showed evidence of gentleness towards her, apologizing to have killed his/her/its father and explained to him that this last had hardly left him the choice: “Your Father incited the Arabs against me and committed odious acts”
Al-Bayhaqi, Dala’il year-Nubuwwah, flight. 4, p. 230

Safiyya was, to that time, a girl impubère. Arrived at the age of to get married, she/it was married by one of his/her/its cousins. Some days after his/her/its marriage, she/it lives in dream as if the moon had just fallen in his/her/its lap. She/it told her/its dream to his/her/its spouse who slapped it while telling to him: “You wish that the king of Yathrib is your spouse!” [c-to-d Muhammad]
When the Prophet (saws) made the seat of Khaïbar and conquered his/her/its fortresses, Safiyya was the number of the captives. His/her/its spouse, him, was among the deaths. Once the Prophet (saws) had freed it and had married, he lives the trace of the slap given by his/her/its spouse on his/her cheek. He/it asked him for the reason of it, and she/it told him his/her/its dream
Ibn Kathîr, Have-Sïra Year-Nabawiyya, editions UNIVERSAL, p.692 drawn of al-Bidaya wa year-Nihaya.

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