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independance of republic of california

After that Trump won the Presidency of the Republic,  the idea of the independence of California begin, where he has been configured “independence of the Republic of California” movement and its separation from the United States. California has its own flag and its own laws, and have a strong economy, better than France ! And is a diversified origines of pepople “races”, and insists the majority of Californians to stand against Trump because he is a racist, and because California does not need the others States, they have a very strong economy and relatively large area, it is not the mandate of the midget and open to the sea and has a good atmosphere, and do not like problems! Since Donald Trump win, articles and videos of speech and thickens especially on the Internet in abundance! California flag is a white flag a brown bear on a green hill, and under the flag is a red line. And the state of California is located west of the United States Allomrakih. And the history of science is that time of the revolutions of some independence movements emerged in California in 1890. The mandate of the unrecognized lasted for only a few weeks in 1846 took control of military force to areas north of San Francisco Bay in the United States.

California is the most populous states, and a third of the mandate in terms of area after Alaska and Texas, and dubbed the California state …

An area of 410,000 km 2 California

Capital Sacramento

Largest city of San Francisco

Population 38,041,430 (2012)

Joined the Union as a state of the United States of America on September 9 (September) 1850

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