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30 drug addicts a day in Iran

According to the Iranian authorities there arrested 30 drug addicts every day. And there are 1,369 kilos of drugs seized by the police every day! And there 3000 died because of drugs, among them over 230 Iranian women, and also among drug users there are poor children!
Iran is the largest drug consumer countries in its region, and the situation become increasingly worse.
The head is the Iranian Shiite government! because it supports harvesting “khachkhach” Afghan opium in Afghanistan, most Iranians are trying to distribute Yemen via the militias “Houthi” which in turn sends the clandestine youth of Saudi Arabia. Iran does not stop here because it supports the trade of several types of drugs in Lebanon via the terrorist militia “hizbolah”.
And the surprise is that the first use of types of drugs Iran is the Iranians themselves!

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