Turkey: the lifting of parliamentary immunity
Turkey: the lifting of parliamentary immunity

Turkey: the lifting of parliamentary immunity1 min read

Turkey: the lifting of parliamentary immunity

The Turkish President has the power to change the law of the Constitution, and Erdogan has approved legislation that would waive the immunity of 130 members of the Turkish parliament, and was voted and approved in parliament by more than two thirds. Critics felt that Erdogan and many want to lift parliamentary immunity of Kurdish parliamentarians, which allows for legal action against Kurdish n of up charges of “treason”. the cause is that the Kurdish Parliament in the Turkish government supported the terrorist PKK, which is against Turkey and its national security.
But Western government and Ardogan enemy inside Turkey, criticized this law and think it’s against the law of man, and consider other Ardogan as a dictator.
As against the other, especially most Turkish approve this law, because it is unacceptable to accept Kurdish supporting terrorism inside the parliament.


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